How to Get Away with Microaggressions

“There’s too much diversity in the show” was just the first of many racially charged microaggressions committed by my grandmother while we were driving to have birthday dinner with my mom. The conversation about television had started innocuously, but quickly developed into a debate about the “diversity quota” and the “overabundance” of representation. The conversation particularly focused on Shonda Rhimes’ “How to Get Away with Murder.” (more…)


Glamorizing Crime with Beauty

Aside from being sexy, what do Stella Carlin, TJ Lane, and Jeremy Meeks have in common? They are criminals. Although Stella Carlin is a fictional character on the third season of Orange is the New Black, her role as the sexy new love interest lends itself to the newfound trend of admiring criminal’s physicality. It’s one thing if characters are sexualized, but an entire other field if actual convicts like high school shooter Lane and alleged gang member Meeks gain a following for being attractive. Idolizing criminals minimizes the seriousness of criminal activity and causes people to root for them instead of against them. Being conventionally attractive in this society helps excuse people from immoral behaviors.

Sexualizing felons shows young girls that it is okay to be attracted to a person who acts indecently. The fact that 17 year old Ohio shooter TJ Lane wore a shirt that said “killer” to his trial for three counts of aggravated murder was not enough to stop girls on Tumblr from making .gifs of him biting his lip in court and titling their blogs “TJ Lane’s Future Wife.” According to this mentality, violence is a good quality to look for in a potential partner. These girls showing their support for a corrupt yet attractive person further enforces a violent and abusive ideal

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