Guest Blogger Sumbissions

Want to write for our blog? Please check that your piece fits the requirements below, then fill out the document here and email it to us at

Give a two to three sentence brief description of yourself as the writer.

  • Bio should include interest in topic, author’s name, grade, and intended major.

500-700 original words with relevant title:

  • Should have a clear and cohesive thesis that addresses your selected social issue
  • Includes a connection between Pacific University and the world beyond
  • Uses inclusive language
  • Includes proper citations and links to data, quotes, & outside content

5-7 photos or relevant graphics or quotes to accompany piece. Editor’s final input  on what photos or quotes get published.

If you are interested in engaging with a medium outside of an essay/article/op-ed, please feel free to email us and we can discuss what that might look like.